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An Invitation to think about 24/7 Prayer in Orange City

October 24, 2011

Hi friends,

I’m taking some time this afternoon to ask you to think with me about and to give me your wisdom on an idea I have regarding prayer in our community.

Ever since my first Church History class at Northwestern, back in the Paleozoic Era (circa 1986), I have been gripped by the variety of prayer movements God seemed to use as precursors to great works – Zinzendorf and the 100 year prayer at Hernhut, the Haystack Prayer Meeting, and others like it.

At different times, the churches I pastored sponsored week-long prayer times for specific occasions – usually times of decision in the life of a congregation.  These have been times of great joy, with God always seeming to bring about blessings – often in ways we did not expect.  There are only 168 hours in a week, and it generally was not hard to fill the time with committed people.

I have also been captured by cotemporary movements of prayer like 24/7 –  They have a number of short videos and at least two books – one is a guide on how to set up 24/7 prayer and the other is a collection of stories called “Red Moon Rising.”  I have also learned a bit from IHOP in Kansas City, but am not quite where they are theologically.

In any event, it is my desire to see if others in the Orange City faith community share similar interests or ideas.

One opportunity that has presented itself to us is that Trinity has taken a short-term lease on the former Mr. Movies building.  We did so primarily to use for Sunday School and occasional Wednesday night use.  But that leaves a lot of unoccupied time – like 166 hours!  I have prayed in the space and I keep thinking it would be a great place to have 24/7 community wide prayer.

I make no claim that this is “of God” or that “I heard God say….”  I only can tell you that I sense God nudging me in this direction.  Part of confirming that is to see if the Holy Spirit is working in any of your lives with similar desires.  Our elders have granted me their blessing to pursue others who may be interested.

I don’t know that we’re ready to launch into a full 24/7 schedule, but I do wonder about trying a few stated times of prayer.  Like “morning prayer” or “evening prayers”, maybe even using some of the classic guides for prayer or themes for a gathering (Monday for schools, Tuesday for business, Wednesday for churches, etc.).

Anyway, this is my first putting out the fleece to see what God might say through you. Leave a comment below with any thoughts you may have.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll set up a meeting for us to gather.


Jon Opgenorth

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