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“Your ‘already’ is not big enough”

This is Part 1 of a five-part posting on notes taken from Rick Richardson‘s talks at the annual Pastor’s Family Camp that we attend at Inter Varsity’s Cedar Campus in Cedarville, Michigan. Rick heads up Wheaton College’s Masters in Evangelism and Leadership and is a leading expert on various missional movements in the United States.


Parable of running a race – American church tends to celebrate after it crosses the START line – story from “Adventures in Missing the Point.” – pp., 26-27.

Sometimes we make the starting line the finish line.

The kingdom is already and not yet.

Our “already” is not big enough. Our “not yet” is not big enough.

God wants to do so much more than we ask or imagine. God is going to do so much more than we can even long for.

John Wimber on theology of failure. He kept praying and people kept dying. But then there was a breakthrough (about 250 people were healed).

Mark S. on sabbatical – first he had to get rid of the busyness and then he had to face the emptiness.

God wants to do so much more – so let’s ask for it, long for it, expect it.

But there is a lot we want to happen that is not going to happen for a long time.

Let’s get our already bigger…

  • - Mark 13 is about end times, but it is really and “already” passage – Jesus sees it within the times of the next 30 years. It is an initial end of history for Israel – AD 70.
  • - Are we facing this today in America? A great ingathering for the judgment?
  • - What is already?

o Judgment of Evil
o Harvest
o Holy Spirit is given (community)
HS is down payment of the greater thing that God wants to do. God gives signs to authenticate when the Holy Spirit is there. God does want to be tested. Word and deed and power.

  • What is Not yet?

o 2nd Resurrection
o Full restoration of the world

Illustration – BURNING MAN – his son going to this event – seeking spirituality. “Why was my son looking outside the church for a bigger already?”

We need a bigger already and a bigger not yet and a theology of failure.


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